Beiron began his career within the advertising industry as a model, which has led him to travel to many corners of the globe representing the clothing and products of renowned companies worldwide. Enjoying a successful career, he became one of the first male "super models" working for famous brands and magazines such as Guess, Levi's, Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Jim Beam, Bloomingdales, Vogue, and Esquire and so many other wonderful people.
However, rather than being the focus, Beiron's real fascination and enthusiasm was always for what was going on behind the lens of the camera and as his first born child was born he got a manual Canon camera (AE1) from his father in law, and his passion for photography really took off. Before the digital boom, Beiron converted his garage into a dark room where he spent countless hours developing and mastering his craft.
Today, Beiron takes his position behind the camera as a professional photographer. Since the early 90's he has photographed an extensive diversity of subject matter ranging from landscapes, fashion, beauty, musicians, rodeos, mixed martial arts, and much much more. Beiron has mostly worked with commercial clients but looking to expand and serve private parties since this gives him great satisfaction seeing that excitement in mom, dad or the bride when seeing there results.  Beiron engage his soul and mind to to each project to create best possible results. Ultimately his passion is portraits, capture his subjects soul, personality or what else they like to give at that time, Beiron feels all those years being in front of the camera himself, helps him handle and making his subjects comfortable. Beiron do not think portraits must be limited to bust up, it could be much wider perspective as long it is helping in telling the story of the subject. Great photography will freeze  those moments in life and become treasures for the future. 

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